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Sprinkler Pipes

Sprinkler Pipes

Trilok Sprinkler Irrigation System Confirm to IS 14151 Part 1 & 2. Trilok Sprinkler Piping System is very popular among farmers in water deficit areas. Complete range of fittings and accessories are well tested before and after assembly.

Sizes available :

63mm to 125mm our sole am is to equipped you with all the best pipes at very affordable prices. It is to make you empower with all the techno advancements that you need to that you may fulfill your competition in the ever changing world. 


Water Tank

Jai Pushpa insulated tanks have multiple layers of polymer engineered for saving energy ensuring hygiene and weather resistance, it has 4 layers for higher performance. It does not hear up the water like the ordinary tanks. The temperature difference between Jai Pushpa tanks and an ordinary tank can be reach upto 350C.


Extra ribs have been incorporated to add strength to the tank. It reduces bulging when the tank is full, and also reduces chances of bursting under pressure. multi outlet options along with intel and over flow configurations for better ease of connections

Trilok Water Tank Confirming to IS : 12701

Trilok Water Tank is very Popular among farmers and Multistory Building, Project, Houses & Hotel.


Available in 200 Ltr. to 5000 Ltr.

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