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HDPE Solutions we provide to you

HDPE Pressure Pipes

HDPE Pipes area strong, durable and cost effective solution for portable water supply. irrigation and bore well applications. Trilok HDPE pipes are manufactured from virgin raw material on the state of the art manufacturing facilities. The plant is fully integrated with a Quality Control Laboratory carrying stringent raw material and finished goods tests for achieving and maintaining uncompromising quality, consistency and matching the specifications as lead down in various Indian as well as international standards. The Pipes and fitting are offers in PE 63, PE 80 and PE 100 grades, complying to IS 4984.

JPI Trilok HDPE Pipes confirm to IS 4984:2016. Made of Fresh HDPE Granules & the best master batcher, Trilok HDPE Pipes are the first choice of the contractor, Civil Constructors and decision makers in state owned water Bodies.


MDPE Pipes

Confirming to ISO 4427 for Water and IS 14885 for Gas are also available. Trilok HDPE / MDPE pipes & Fittings have high flow characteristics & are rust proof. No sedimentation and save energy for the pumps. Strong but light in weight easy installation, Excellent Leak proof jointing and designed for more than 50 years life.


Application :

  • External Drinking Water supply (IS 4984 / ISO 4427)

  • Seamless Delivery Pipes in borewells (IS 4984)

  • Efficient Disposal System (IS 14443)

  • Gas Supply (151 4885)

  • Telecom Cable Ducting (PLB Ducts TECC certified)

  • Electrical Cable Ducts (IS 4984)

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